We are proud to announce that the BerlinUnited@Home team has qualified for Robocup Netherlands 2013.

We want to thank to the Robocup@Home League and the Robocup Federation for this great opportunity to demonstrate our work in such as important event.

Congratulations to the team.

See you in Eindhoven!

Alleine goes to the Kitchen!

Now Alleine, the Autonomous Wheelchair is able to navigate just by using our ultra-fast Monte Carlo Localization library with 64 particles, 136 readings per scan (out of the 451 that the SICK S300P provides in a single scan), one laser scanner (front) with partial blindness and a 6.5kb polygonal map (23m x 33m) for simulating the supossed observations in real-time.


Welcome to our project. In this website you will find soon all the information about our research and submissions materials for Robocup 2013.

Some of the areas involved in our research are:

1) Collaborative Robots


3) Natural Language Processing

4) Object Recognition and Manipulation

5) Motion Control

6) Machine Learning

7) Artificial Vision